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Brass Hose Barb Fittings -

If you are looking for hose barb fittings that are both economical and general purpose, then your best choice would be the hose barb fittings from FAST FITTINGS. Made from brass and copper materials these fittings are designed to be used with hose clamps, crimped ferule and similar type of clamps. So that they conform to international standards, they are conformed in measurements to various ISO standards. These hose barb fittings can either be in tapered or hose bard styles giving them good vibration resistance and reusability. To view a collection of hose barb fittings we carry please check out Brass Hose Barb Fittings

Thread fitting   Brass Push On Hose Barb Mender Splicer       Brass Hose Barb Male Elbow         Brass Hose Barb Miniature Ball Valve        Brass Hose Barb Cross     

People have often made the wrong choice in terms of size when buying the hose barb fittings. This is a confusion that can be attributed to the British Standard Pipe or BSP that originally used the inner diameter to indicate the size of the steel tube that the threads were intended for. To be on the safe side, just use the BSP charts provided in buyer sites as opposed to doing the measurements yourself. You will discover that a thread measuring 1 inch would be fitted by a ¾ inch BSP equivalent. Looking for brass push-on hose barb fittings?

Features      Brass Hose Barb Garden Hose Thread Coupling         Brass Garden Hose Tee      Marine Bulkhead Single Hose Barb Fitting      Brass Hose Barb Female NPT 90 Degree Elbow   

Brass hose barb fitting have uses in various markets; heavy duty trucks, construction, mobile and industrial. Machining through forging of one piece fittings ensures that the fittings are extra strong to withstand the pressures of the different areas they are put to use. This means that though the pieces are small and compact, they can withstand great forces that are characteristic of heavy duty applications. The compact and threaded fastening of the fittings helps to keep systems clean by eliminating dust and other debris particles. There are different types of port connections that can be made with the brass hose barb fitting according to the nature of the port. While some ports require straight thread connections, others can only be fitted with a beaded hose barb. We also carry lead free brass hose barbs

Applications       Brass Hose Barb Male 45 Degree Adapter      Brass Female NPT Rigid Adapter       Brass Hose Barb Male SAE Flare Adapter       Brass Hose Barb 90 Degree Elbow

High pressure environments require use of components and fittings that can withstand great localized forces. Some industrial lines are too crucial to be left to chance and that is why brass hose barb fittings from FAST FITTINGS can be trusted to last long and perform excellently. If you are thinking of compressed airlines, cooling lines and water lines, then these fittings are highly recommended.     

It is simple to get custom quotes upon request from FAST FITTINGS. If you would like to get in touch with experts who can advise and point you in the right direction as far as valves and fittings are concerned, please contact, or call 866-515-5481.

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