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BRASS JIC 37 Degree Flare Fittings               Brass JIC 37 Degree Flare Fittings

When working with metals in an industrial setup, the constant vibrations cause mechanical strain on the tubes. If nothing is done to the metal, then there will be a need for constant replacement of components.

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Flaring can be done in a wide range of configurations from tees, straight connectors, union, elbows, crosses and unique special adapters as well.Brass JIC 37 Degree Straight Tube Union Fitting materials to use for standard flaring can be brass, steel, carbon and stainless steel.

JIC fittings are machined to have a base of 37 degrees. Used in fuels and other fluids applications, the design is made to tolerate low to medium mechanical strains. To use these fittings for diagnostics or at a test point, a three-way coupling connected to the circuit will facilitate that. Brass JIC 37 Degree Flare Female Brass AdapterThe three main components of a JIC fitting system are flaring nut, sleeve and fitting. At the end of the flaring process, the contact between the inside diameter of the flared tube and the completed surface of the fitting nose must create a seal. The purpose of the sleeve is to distribute the forces of compression evenly. Brass Female JIC 37 Degree Flare Swivel Adapter Suitable materials that fabricate good quality JIC threads are forged stainless steel, forged carbon steel, machined brass, forged brass and nickel-copper alloys.

Benefits of the JIC 37° Flare

Brass JIC 37 Degree Flare Bulkhead Tube UnionIt is not possible to completely avoid mechanical vibrations in an industrial setting but with a 37° Flare, good performance can be guaranteed. To ensure that the machine tubes are aligned to the fitting axis as is required for minimal strain on machines, the occurring vibration is compensated for. The JIC fitting can easily fit into machine parts made with metric or fractional measurements.  Industrial lines are meant to be profitable and one way of accruing profit is by minimizing losses. If the tubes are not distorted during processing, fluid passes through without losing any of its volume.

Advantages of the JIC 37° Flare        Brass 45 Degree Forged Elbow - JIC 37 Degree Flare Thread

Durability of the JIC fitting ensures that the flaring is not done all the time. This translates into huge savings as well as excellent service. The end result in such a line is top quality performance and that is why the 37°flare fittings are preferred in many industries. The consistency with which customer expectations are met makes the fitting safe every time it is put to use.


THREAD SIZE: 1/8      JIC THREAD: 5/16-24

THREAD SIZE: 3/16    JIC THREAD: 3/8-24

THREAD SIZE: 1/4      JIC THREAD: 7/16-20

THREAD SIZE: 5/16    JIC THREAD: 1/2-20

THREAD SIZE: 3/8      JIC THREAD: 9/16-18

THREAD SIZE: 1/2      JIC THREAD: 3/4-16

THREAD SIZE: 5/8      JIC THREAD: 7/8-14

THREAD SIZE: 3/4      JIC THREAD: 1-1/16-12

THREAD SIZE: 1         JIC THREAD: 1-5/16-12    

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